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The R6 Powercat is the newest entry into our design line-up. There are many people who prefer a powerboat to a sailing yacht and there are many places where a Powercat is a better option than a sailing cat in terms of weather conditions, geography and cruising itinerary.


We wanted to provide Powercat enthusiasts with a vessel that cover vast distances as economically as possible on a platform that maximizes its volume whilst maintaining an elegant and luxurious feel.

This power cat design has taken many years to develop and affiliate to a market segment looking to align luxury, performance, and sustainability with socio responsibility.


This beautiful 60-foot Powercat comes with a variety of layout options ranging from a 4 cabin layout, all furnished with luxurious king size beds and on-suite bathrooms, a 3 cabin layout with a multi-purpose office, suited for the digital nomad, as well as single or dual stateroom options.   


The yacht also provides the entertainer in you with several large entertainment areas in the cockpit, saloon, foredeck and flybridge which provide versatility for all tastes and weather conditions.



The construction of this vessel uses modern day material and techniques to ensure strength, rigidity and reliability, whilst maintaining weight consciousness.  


The ability to construct a lightweight vessel enabled us to incorporate our proven fully electric propulsion system which enhances the performance and manageability of the yacht. 


The yachts is also packed with the latest technologies such as duel helm stations, latest B&G electronic packages with duel stations, Induction cooktops, multipurpose Fridges/freezer, C-Zone digital switching system, centralized air-conditioning, dive platform, bow thrusters, JEFA steering and rudder systems are just some of the advancements packed into this sophisticated yacht.


The yacht comes standard with a proven Torqeedo Deep Blue electric propulsion system capable of providing genuine self-sufficiency without compromise. 

Large solar arrays, hydro regeneration and BWM lithium battery banks provide ample power to operate and sustain the vessel indefinitely.

The vessel is also fitted with two DC generators for prolonged motoring and rage extension as well as fast charge ports capable of recharging the batteries from shore power in less than 1 hour. 


For those who prefer combustion engines, Diesel engines can be installed which can provide you with exceptional rage and speed.


Combine all of this with the efficiencies we are able to extract from the new and modern hull designs and you have a sustainable and luxurious vessel capable or reaching all your desired destinations in style and comfort.



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