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Building unique, high-quality products requires dexterity, commitment, and craftsmanship. 


Each of these elements works in tandem with the procedures, materials, and certifications necessary to create a fully operating catamaran. 

Below are some of the core tools and techniques we use in the production process.

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Vacuum pressure is used in the vacuum infusion process (VIP) to force resin into a laminate. Dry materials are inserted into the mould, and then a perforated release film is placed on top of the dry reinforcement. Before applying the resin, a vacuum is created and the dry components are compressed. Once the dry components are completely vacuumed, the resin is infused into them using properly placed tubing. Vacuum infusion significantly reduces emissions. Low resin-to-glass ratios are possible with vacuum infusion, and the laminates' mechanical characteristics are superior.


Precision Cutting


We produce extremely precise tooling thanks to our investment in CNC routers. This allows us to produce high-quality boats. 


All of our products are manufactured according to plan, ensuring that each component is accurately manufactured.


Electrical & Tech


All of our yachts are equipped with a full set of sailing instruments as standard. 


Throughout our product line, Torqeedo hybrid propulsion systems are available as standard.


All our electronic installations are provided through our certified partner, Multimarine electrical, which have decades of proven experience in the field. 

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Certified naval architects extensively engineered each of our designs. Components are subjected to FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to make sure they can handle the stresses and forces while still adhering to safety standards. 


Each component is carefully built in accordance with meticulous designs to guarantee structural integrity and conformance. 


Performance is built on the pillar of safety, and no compromises are allowed.

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We make use of the finest materials available in the market. 


All of the products used in the manufacturing of our vessels are purchased from the leading manufacturers in their field in accordance with ISO Standards and Health and Safety regulations.

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The CE certification process demonstrates that our boats are built to internationally recognized ISO standards that promote safety, dependability, and high quality.

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