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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."  William A Foster


Welcome to Ocean Renegade, where innovation meets inspiration.

Situated in beautiful Cape Town, Ocean Renegade has been building catamarans since 2014, and its sister companies have been in the commercial marine industry since 2005. With more than two decades of maritime expertise steering our journey, we specialize in creating not just yachts, but lifestyles brimming with adventure and cherished memories.


At Ocean Renegade, we hold the belief that true luxury and performance embodies harmony—harmony with the environment, harmony in design, and harmony in the experiences our yachts offer. Our vision is to redefine the industry landscape by seamlessly integrating ease of living, cutting-edge systems, and an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.


Our distinctive portfolio of electric-driven/diesel hybrid catamarans, crafted in our solar-powered facility, serves as a testament to this vision. These vessels are meticulously designed to deliver an exhilarating experience, allowing you to reach off-the-beaten-path destinations in style, comfort, and safety. A true testament to blue water adventurers.


Ocean Renegade yachts are more than just vessels; they are the culmination of decades of sea-faring experience, innovative engineering, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Our creations are characterized by their durability, elegance, and cutting-edge technology, designed to provide the ultimate cruising experience for true explorers. The use of the best modern-day technologies and products ensure that our boats will stand the test of time, allowing you to focus on the very reason why you our chose this lifestyle in the first place.


Our journey is anchored in over 20 years of comprehensive maritime experience, encompassing a vast array of commercial marine operations. This rich heritage informs every aspect of our business, from the design of our yachts to the selection of materials, ensuring that every Ocean Renegade creation is built to last and designed to enchant. Our team, comprised of seasoned sailors, world-class engineers, and visionary designers, brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep-seated passion for the sea to every project we undertake.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Ocean Renegade. From our solar-powered production facility to our electric-driven hybrid catamarans, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing the efficiency and enjoyment of our yachts. We believe in creating products that not only serve our clients but also contribute positively to the planet.


We invite you to embark on a journey with Ocean Renegade, to explore the unknown with confidence and comfort. Our team is dedicated to realizing your vision of the perfect yacht, combining our expertise with your unique desires to create something truly extraordinary. Discover the difference of a yacht that’s built for the explorer in all of us.


Let Ocean Renegade guide your next adventure. Discover the ultimate cruising catamaran, where every detail reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the environment. Welcome aboard.

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