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The R6 powercats are the newest entry into our design lineup. There are many people who prefer a powerboat to a sailing yacht and there are many places where a powercat is a better option than a sailing cat in terms of weather conditions, geography and cruising itinerary. Therefore, the design brief here was simple: How can we translate the efficiency of the sailing cats into a powercat that can cover vast distances as economically as possible? The answer was to use a modified version of the super-efficient hulls we already have from the R6. KND Design then worked on the concept and with their vast experience in the commercial and military design space, the R6P was born. There are currently 2 initial versions of the R6P, an express style cruisier and flybridge. We anticipate the express will be powered with larger engines for shorter range higher speed operations and the flybridge will be aimed at longer distance cruising. 


Both variants have flexible layout options with 3 and 4 cabin layouts as well as a twin stateroom option for the pinnacle of luxury. As on the sailing cats these yachts will feature our new interior finish system and can be fully optioned with equipment and conveniences. These yachts are ideal for forays into the remote Kimberly’s of North Western Australia and further afield into South East Asia, or any other area you need long range, efficiency and reliability to access.

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Construction will generally feature the same style of engineering and materials as used on our sailing cats in order to optimise weight and strength of structure to create true long distance passage makers. Twin modern engines, multiple fuel tanks and fuel polishing equipment as standard ensure relaxed peace pf mind cruising. The R6P features a modern lithium house system which allows for all of the creature comforts from home to be taken along for the ride. There is also a parallel hybrid power option available, contact us for more details.


Initial analysis indicates the flybridge version with twin 300hp diesels on shafts should perform as follows (basis 5000 litres of fuel capacity, calm seas, medium load, all figures approx):

Speed                   Range

20 knots               960 NM

15 knots               1310 NM

10 knots               1980 NM


As you can see, at 10 knots her consumption per nautical mile in clam conditions is expected to be around 2.5 litres, which is extremely efficient and is a direct result of the sailing pedigree baked into her hulls.       

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