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The R5 is the original in the R series and has proven to be a very capable bluewater cruiser. A lot of care and consideration was taken in her development and construction with an emphasis on versatility, large social areas, ease of handling, performance, rigidity, and style.

Her design brief was to incorporate a large open layout onto a 52-foot platform that featured both a forward sailing cockpit as well and a combined/convertible salon and aft cockpit. In fact, her engineering allows the wing deck area to be completely free of supporting furniture which allows her galley to be either a very sociable island style with full-width aft cockpit doors or a huge U-shaped galley of a size found on much larger cats. Her sailing cockpit has dual doors and a pivoting helm that allows for 3 different door and sailing configurations which gives her the feel of a much larger yacht.


The original R5 was positioned to be a twin owner’s stateroom with a penthouse vibe. She has evolved a fair bit over the years to include a more family-oriented version however both versions feature a variety of luxury finishes used to complement the overall feel and liveability of the vessel. Large Corian kitchen and galley countertops, dishwashers, induction cooking, and vast amounts of stored energy all finished in handcrafted foam-cored natural bamboo cabinetry and trims are only some aspects of these yachts that make them very comfortable to live on.


The R5 was developed to take full advantage of electrical propulsion systems, in particular the Torqeedo Deep Blue system where detailed hydrostatic and flow analysis was performed on the hulls to ensure efficiency. The system is backed up by a 15kw genset for range extension and the BMW battery system provides more than ample power for all the house loads.


The performance of the R5 speaks for itself where she comfortably achieves 200 miles per day without generating high loads which causes breakages. She covers distances effortlessly, but can also be dialed up to reward sailors with an exhilarating ride when required. Her sailing cockpit is a safe and secure sail handling area optimised for single-handing with all sail controls in one location and includes an electric line driver (used on all the R line yachts) to control the mainsheet traveler.



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