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Welcome to Ocean Renegade, based in stunning Cape Town! With a combined experience of over 30 years in the marine industry, we have been building luxurious yachts since 2014.


Our team has a wealth of experience managing large-scale commercial marine projects and now, we're using all of that expertise to create luxurious yachts that are built to last.

We work with some of the best suppliers in the world to ensure our yachts are top-quality. Plus, our team is made up of outdoorsy folks who love surfing, kiting, climbing, and flying. We care about the environment, too, so we've made our catamarans electric-driven hybrids and run our solar-powered factory off the grid.

But what really sets us apart is our dedication to creating the ultimate cruising catamaran. We've been out on the seas ourselves, crossing oceans and living aboard various catamarans. And we know what it takes to make the perfect vessel for true adventurers. So, check out our R-Series and our design philosophies, and let's build your dream catamaran together!




At Ocean Renegade we pride ourselves on producing high-quality, hand-crafted catamarans, utilizing modern materials and techniques to build high-performance vessels which are strong, fast, versatile, and comfortable. Our guiding principle is to produce a craft that inspires and reinforces the very reason why you chose this lifestyle in the first place. It’s this focus and love of the sailing life that ensures your R-series will make your heart sing whilst standing the test of time.

Our Green Initiatives

Our new factory, located in beautiful Cape Town, is powered by solar panels, this means that the entire operation is off the grid, using only renewable energy sources.

We also build our catamarans with this in mind and have based our Renegade range on Hybrid systems using a combination of generators and electric motors to power the vessel, reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. This means that Ocean Renegade catamarans are not only better for the environment, but also more sustainable to operate. 



Let's Connect

Van Riebeeck Rd, Blackheath, Cape Town, 7580

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