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Situated in beautiful Cape Town, Ocean Renegade and its sister companies have been in the commercial marine industry since 2005 and in the yacht building industry since 2014. Our international commercial marine business has encompassed the operation of large bulk carriers, oil field support, dive support as well as rescue operations, and it is this large-scale project management experience that has infused into Ocean Renegade, our luxury yacht building enterprise. 

Ocean Renegade enjoys strategic relationships with some of the best construction and equipment suppliers in the world and we have a dedicated group of professionals who oversee the design and construction of our yachts, some of whom gained their experience at some very well-known and respected yards around the world. Our staff, partners, and associates are all keen outdoorsy types from surfers to kiters, climbers to pilots so we are very much committed to exciting but sustainable products built in a low-impact manufacturing environment. To this end, most of our catamarans have been electric-driven hybrids and our new solar-powered factory runs off the grid. We believe we are the only catamaran manufacturer who can make either of these claims, let alone both.


We have been very fortunate in our personal capacities to have had the opportunity to own, live aboard and cross oceans with several different catamarans over the years. During all this time at sea, we became afflicted with an unquenchable desire to design, develop and build the ultimate cruising catamaran. Of course, the word ‘Ultimate’ means different things to different people and our take on it may be different to others, however, we are very confident that careful study and consideration of the R series and why we do things the way we do will earn us a nod from the true adventurers among us. 


So please enjoy exploring the R Series and our Design Philosophies and then get in touch with us so we can start building yours.

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